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Birkman Basics Accounts in Canada

Birkman Basics Accounts are Now Available!

A Birkman Basics account allows you to offer many of the great insights Birkman provides without having to pay for all the reports. It is also a self-interpreted report, so it does not have to be reviewed by a certified consultant.

What do I get access to in a Birkman Basics Account?

  • Birkman Map 
  • Birkman Interests
  • Birkman Insights 
  • Career Data

How would I use it?

  • With clients who are unsure about Birkman --> for a lower cost (to yourself or the client) you can show them how insightful Birkman really is.
  • For clients who could not afford a Birkman.
  • It's great information for a variety of team development sessions --> team building, conflict resolution, etc . . . 
  • As a part of the talent selection process.
  • In career exploration.
  • When addressing personal relationships.

Can someone be upgraded to Signature later?

Yes! Someone can be moved to your Signature database and then you can pull all the usual reports.


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