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In 2001 Dr. Bruce & Denise Gordon started Mentor Matrix. Since then they, and the team, have worked alongside of numerous organizations, leaders, and teams. Together working to resolve issues, build trust, work through times of change and transition, as well as on-board new leaders.

Mentor Matrix also continues to certify Birkman Consultants and partner with them as they apply the Birkman Method. To date we have certified  hundreds of Birkman consultants worldwide.


birkman certification

To learn more about Birkman Certification, or to  become a certified Birkman Consultant, click the Learn More button below. 



With 40+ years leadership and speaking experience Dr. Bruce Gordon
is a great choice for your next leadership event.

Suggested Topics:

  • Building a high performance team
  • Managing change and transition
  • Recognizing emerging leaders
  • Leadership development process
  • "7 Seeds a Leader Must Sow"

dalit freedom network canada

Mentor Matrix is proud to be a sponsor of the Dalit Freedom Network Canada.

Dalit Freedom Network Canada brings freedom and equality to India’s oppressed Dalits through education. Believing that investing in future generations is the key to freeing India’s 250 million Dalits from poverty and exploitation.

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