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Why birkman?

Often people ask, why would I want to use Birkman over Myers-Briggs, Hogan, DiSC, and the list goes on. Below are our reasons why. 

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Positive Language 

Birkman wants you to understand yourself better, to understand those around you better. There is no preferred language for certain traits, or placement on scales. The tool is simply conveying impartial information you can use.

Depth of Insights

Birkman provides information beyond any other psychometric or personality test. For 1 flat price you can have information to understand a person at their best, under stress, what types of tasks they will exceed at (alternatively which will drain them), which work environments will suit them best, which types of people they will work best with, personal blind spots. Most importantly when you put it all together  you will truly understand what someone needs to succeed and what support they will need. 

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So Many Resources

A person only needs to take the Birkman Questionnaire once and from that you will have enough information to help them in nearly any aspect of life for countless sessions. There are reports for:

  • Self Development

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Job Placement; Task Assignment

  • Career Planning

  • Marital & Parental Counselling

You can use a persons profile to hire them, place them, develop them independently and as part of a team, to navigate and resolve interpersonal conflicts. 

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